Curtain Pole 0-720cm (Oak, Walnut, Beech, Black, White) - White

£19.99 - £299.00

Smooth oak wood is ready for your own wood stain, oil or paint finish to this pole set or can be left unfinished. Comes in 30mm diameter.

We cut custom bespoke sizes to your requested pole length.

240-480cm option is joined from 2 pole pieces and comes with an additional middle bracket. We are able to make longer poles than this, just drop us a line for a quote.


➤ All of our curtain pole blinds come with the FISCHER fixtures and fittings you'll need for installation.
➤ Size:
• Length: Custom - let us know your desired length in the personalization section.
• Bracket depth: Single: 12.5cm/ Double: 16.5cm (Custom available on request)
• Diameter: 30 mm (35mm available on request)
➤ Sanded and Smooth Oak, Walnut Stained Oak, White Paint, Black Paint or Beech. (Custom finish available on request)
➤ End of the rod overlaps the bracket by 5cm on each side.
➤ Rod is attached to the bracket with a metal pin so pole doesn't slide off the bracket.
➤ Made in the UK.


➤ Any rings of 35mm inner diameter or larger will fit our poles
➤ Check out other listings for rings we recommend


➤ Measure the window opening
➤ Add 5cm each end for brackets/overlap
➤ Add 10cm each side of the window for curtains to gather if needed (optional)

➤ Use 9-10mm drill bit
➤ Fully submerge anchors into the wall before installation